Pending Zoning Applications

Below is a listing, by the scheduled Public Hearing date, for zoning relief application(s)
which are
pending consideration by the Village.


Click on the address or title to view additional information and the nature of the zoning relief requested.  Public comment is invited at the Public Hearing. Documents related to each application may be inspected during business hours in the Community Development Department.

August 16, 2017 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

Case #ZB-09-17:  6489 North Longmeadow Avenue – Special Fence Approval for a Sound Wall

Request:  Consideration of a request by Robert Tucker, property owner, to allow the installation of a sound wall along the east property line abutting Interstate 94.  The proposed sound wall requires approval of a Special Fence based on its proposed ten-foot height, lack of open area in the proposed fence design, and proposed location on the property.

Case #ZB-10-17:  6638 North Ramona Avenue – Fence Variation and Generator Location Variation

Request:  Consideration of a request by Chalet Nursery, on behalf of Myles Berman, property owner, to approve three Variations including:  1) to allow for the construction of a six-foot-tall fence in the side yard along the southern property line; 2) to allow the proposed fence along the southern property line to be built as a solid fence; and 3) to allow for the installation of a backup electrical generator less than five feet from the northern side lot line.

Case #ZB-08-17:  6641 North Trumbull Avenue – Garage Location Variation
(Continued from July 19, 2017)

Request:  Consideration of a request by Jose Quizhpi, property owner, to allow the replacement of a one-car garage with a new two-car garage in the rear yard.  The proposed garage requires a Variation to allow for a total building coverage on the property of greater than 35 percent.

Case #ZB-07-17:  6850 North Lowell Avenue – Fence Variation
(Continued from July 19, 2017)

Request:  Consideration of a request by Michael and Amanda Gutwaks, property owners, to allow an existing non-compliant fence and gate to remain in place in the north and south side yards near the front façade of the home.  The fence and gate require Variations to allow them to be set back less than three feet from the front façade of the home to allow for a “semi-private” fence in the side yard.

August 2, 2017 Plan Commission Meeting

Case #PC-06-17:  6733-6735 North Lincoln Avenue – Special Use and Variations for a Mixed-Use Project in the B-1 Traditional Business District and Mixed-Use Hub Overlay (Continued from June 7, 2017) 

Request:  Consideration of a Special Use to allow residential units above a commercial use, and six Variations to permit:  1) a new mixed-use building to be set back greater than required five-foot build-to line; 2) a drive aisle functioning as a two-way drive aisle to be less than the minimum width; 3) less than the minimum required number of off-street parking spaces; 4) the location of off-street parking to the front of the proposed building; 5) less than the required eight-foot perimeter landscape for the parking area; and 6) a six-foot masonry wall as screening between zoning districts rather than the required eight-foot masonry wall.

(Motion Approved by a 5-1 Vote)

Case #PC-12-17:  6755 North Cicero Avenue – Amendment to Approved Special Use Permits and Approval of New Variations Related to the Required Landscape Setback and Screening Area Between Zoning Districts

Request:  Consideration of a request to amend previously-approved Special Use Permits and for new Variations to allow:  1) a six-foot-tall wood fence in place of an eight-foot-tall masonry wall as an alternative to meeting the minimum ten-foot-wide landscape setback and screening area between commercial and residential zoning districts; 2) a landscape setback and screening area that is five feet in width to contain a single row of densely-planted landscaping rather than the required double row in a ten-foot-wide landscape setback and screening area between commercial and residential zoning districts; and 3) a hedge row less than the required six-foot height at the time of installation.

(Motion Approved by a 4-3 Vote)

Case #PC-10-17:  Zoning Code Text Amendment – Natural Screening on Residential Properties

Request:  Consideration of a Zoning Code Text Amendment to modify the permissibility and requirements for Natural Screening on residential properties and adjacent Natural Screening defined as a Special Fence due to its location on public rights-of-way and utility easements.

(Continued Without Discussion)

Case #PC-11-17:  Zoning Code Text Amendment – West Devon Avenue Manufacturing/ Business Retail Overlay Zone

Request:  Consideration of a Zoning Code Text Amendment to permit establishment of a Retail Overlay Zone over M-B zoned properties between West Devon Avenue, North Lincoln Avenue, and the former Union Pacific property (also known as the Lincolnwood Union Pacific Recreation Path).

(Motion Approved by a 7-0 Vote)