Pending Zoning Applications

Below is a listing, by the scheduled Public Hearing date, for zoning relief application(s)
which are
pending consideration by the Village.


Click on the address or title to view additional information and the nature of the zoning relief request.  Public comment is invited at the Public Hearing. Documents related to each application may be inspected during business hours in the Community Development Department.

April 19, 2017 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

Case #PC-03-17:  Public Hearing:  7117 North Crawford Avenue — Fence Variations and Special Fence Approval

Request:  Consideration of a request by Stuart Kalman, on behalf of Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation AGBI, property owner, to allow a six-foot-tall  wrought iron fence to be installed on the perimeter of the Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation property along the West Estes Avenue, North Crawford Avenue, and West Fitch Avenue street frontages.   The proposed fence requires a Variation to allow a fence in a Front Yard, a Variation to allow a fence in a Corner Lot Side Yard where said fence is in front of the front facing façade of the building, and Special Fence approval to allow a Through Lot fence.

Motion Approved, With Conditions, by a Vote of 5-0

April 6, 2017 Plan Commission Meeting

Case #PC-03-17:  Public Hearing:  6649 North Lincoln Avenue and 6653-6659 North East Prairie Road — Final Plat of Subdivision (Preliminary Plat Requirement Waived on March 1, 2017)

Request:  Consideration of a Final Plat, for Tammylou Subdivision, Consolidating, and Re-Subdividing nine lots encompassing the Lou Malnati’s Restaurant at 6649 Lincoln Avenue and a single-Family Residential Property at 6659 East Prairie Road.

Motion Approved by a Vote of 5-0

Case #PC-02-17:  Public Hearing:  6755 North Cicero Avenue – Special Uses for a Restaurant over 5,000-Square Feet in Area, Off-Street Parking Location and Operating Hours, and Variations for Building Setbacks, Off-Street Parking, Landscaping, Building Materials, Special Sign Designation, and other Signage Variations

Request:  Consideration of a request by Phil Stefani, Property Owner, for Special Uses, Variations, and Special Sign designation needed for a proposed single-tenant restaurant building and off-street parking area.  The requested Special Uses are:  1) to allow a restaurant over 5,000-square feet in area in the B-2 Zoning District; 2) to permit off-street parking in the Front and Corner Side Yards of the lot; and 3) to allow a business within 150 feet of a residentially-zoned property to operate after 11:00 p.m. on certain days.  Also requested are Variations to:  1) allow a reduced Transition Yard across the east property line; 2) allow less than the required off-street parking for a restaurant of this size; 3) allow less than the required off-street parking perimeter landscaping area along Pratt and Cicero Avenues;  4) allow less than the required interior landscape islands and plantings; 5) allow less than the required foundation landscaping; 6) allow less than the required minimum ten-foot landscaped buffer along the east and south property line, adjacent to property zoned residential;  7) allow parking spaces and drive aisles in an off-street parking lot to be less than the minimum required size standards; 8) allow less than 75 percent of each exterior building elevation to maintain the required high-quality materials; 9) allow masonry stucco as greater than a minor or accent building material; 10) allow a wall sign on the north elevation of the building that is greater than the maximum permitted area; 11) allow a pole/pylon sign as a Special Sign; 12) allow a pole/ pylon sign face to be greater than the maximum permitted sign area; 13) allow a pole/pylon sign to be located less than the minimum required setback from an exterior property line; and 14) allow an illuminated freestanding sign within 75 feet of a residentially-zoned district.

Motion Approved by a Vote of 4-1