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2021 Outdoor Dining Registration

On April 20, 2021, the Lincolnwood Village Board of Trustees approved the permissibility of temporary outdoor dining areas in restaurant parking lots through the end of August 2021. Restaurants interested in opening an outdoor dining area or dining tent in a parking lot should contact Community Development Management Analyst Jake Litz at or 847-745-4765. Restaurants are required to provide specific information for a Village registry of outdoor dining areas in parking lots.

At least one business day before opening an outdoor dining area, each interested restaurant must send an email to indicating its plan to operate outdoor dining including the following information:

  • Restaurant
    • Business Detail
      • Name – Address – Phone #
    • 24-Hour Contact Information
      • Contact’s Name – Phone #
  • Landlord (representative who has provided permission for outdoor dining)
    • Contact Information
      • Name – Address – Phone #
  • Site Plan: sketch detailing layout of proposed outdoor operations including, but not limited to: # of tables, location of tables, seating, parking areas, waste disposal areas, fencing/ barriers, exits and entrances into temporary area, and if applicable, tent size and location, etc.

Following the submittal of registry items, a Fire inspection will be scheduled to ensure all restaurants are compliant with the International Fire Code.

Village of Lincolnwood
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