Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

View the GIS website. The Village maintains an accurate and sophisticated geographic information system (GIS). The Village is a member of the GIS Consortium. GIS integrates maps and other geographical data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all types of geographically referenced information. GIS technology works by linking information in databases to a specific place or location and allows users to visualize where things are with descriptive and illustrated information. GIS can be used for nearly everything from scientific investigations, environmental impact assessments, and urban planning to sales and marketing.

Alley Vacation Map

View alley vacation map website. The Village utilizes the GIS software to maintain a map of alley vacations in the Village. The data in this map, linked above, provides data on alleys that have been vacated in the community.

Lincolnwood Property Search

Use the Lincolnwood property search website. The Village of Lincolnwood offers Lincolnwood Property Search, a detailed property search where you can find your refuse and recycling pickup dates, school district, zoning, and much more. You can also view aerial photography, measure distance and area, draw, create and print maps.


Learn more about your community and services around your property.


Bikeway Plan Map

Map from the Bikeway Plan. View the full Bikeway Plan (PDF).

Community Map

View the general map of the Village (PDF).

Municipal Center Map

This map shows the buildings in the municipal center complex. View the Municipal Center Map (PDF).

Parks Story Map

The Parks and Recreation Department encompasses approximately 1,728 acres, much of which is occupied by residential and business land uses. Included in the Village boundaries are 13 parks and two multi-use recreational paths. This interactive map includes basic information about each park such as location, facilities, and images. Scroll through the interactive map to learn about each park. View the parks story map.

Available Space & Properties Map

To assist prospective businesses or developers, the Village of Lincolnwood maintains an inventory of available space and properties in the community. This report on available business space is prepared from other sources and is presumed to be reliable. View the available space and properties map.

Street Responsibility Map

The street responsibility map (PDF) shows which Government Organization is responsible for the streets in the Village.

Street Sweeping Map

The street sweeping map (PDF) shows the areas in which street sweeping takes place.

TIF Districts

Lincoln - Touhy TIF

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District located at Lincoln and Touhy. For the full TIF Plan, click here.

Northeast Industrial District Tax Increment Financing

TIF District is located in the Northeast Industrial District. View the full Northeast Industrial District TIF Plan (PDF).

Touhy - Lawndale TIF

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District located at Touhy and Lawndale. View full Touhy - Lawndale TIF Plan (PDF).

Devon - Lincoln TIF

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District located at Devon and Lincoln. View the full Devon - Lincoln TIF Plan (PDF).

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map showing all of the zoning districts within the Village. View the full Zoning Map 2022.