Tree Management

Village Parkway Tree Planting

The Village has a long-term policy to plant a tree in all the vacant planting spaces identified on the public right-of-way.  Residents realize the benefit of a healthy urban forest with reduced cooling costs due to shading; reduced pollution; reduced runoff from water uptake; improved air quality; and increased home values from landscaped streets.  This fall, residential properties that have been identified as part of the Village's Tree Planting Program were mailed letters informing them that a new tree will be planted in the adjacent public right-of-way.  The planting is either to replace a tree that was recently removed or fill a previously identified vacant planting site.  If you are interested in a Village Parkway tree planting, a Tree Planting Request may be submitted.

Preparations for the Fall 2023 Tree Planting program are currently underway.

Tree Removal Process

The policy of the Village is to balance the private property rights of landowners with the public health, safety, and welfare that is promoted by the existence and maintenance of trees. Prior to removing any tree that is eight inches or greater in diameter on private property, residents are required to obtain a tree removal permit from the Community Development Department. Further, residents that wish to remove any tree that is greater than eight inches in diameter and that is outside of the building envelope will be required to plant replacement trees on the property or pay a fee to the Village for the planting of new parkway trees.

Trees that constitute a threat, danger, nuisance, or that may be dangerous to the health of other trees in the Village may be removed without fulfilling the tree replacement requirements and requires a permit from the Community Development Department. The penalty for removal of a tree without a permit is a fine of not more than $1,000 and the imposition of a tree replacement fee which is $150 per diameter inch of the tree removed.

For questions regarding the Tree Management Ordinance or to obtain a tree removal permit, contact the Community Development Department at 847-673-7402. View a tree permit application (PDF).

Tree Trimming

The Village owns and maintains over 7,000 parkway trees. The minimum diameter of these trees is 2.5 inches as measured six inches off the ground, but these trees can be as large as six feet in diameter and up to 80 feet tall. Tree trimming is performed in order to maintain a healthy stock of trees and to keep residents, pedestrians, and motorists safe from dead or weak branches. If a property owner wants a parkway tree to be trimmed, a Tree Trimming Request may be submitted.

The Public Works Department only trims parkway trees for public safety or the health of the tree. This can be initiated either by a Department directive or by the property owner request. The Village does not permit private contractors or other agencies to trim Village trees.