Social Services

The Village employs a full-time Licensed Clinical Social Worker within the Police Department who offers crisis counseling, resources related to orders of protection, court advocacy for victims of violent crimes, short term case management, and other referrals at no cost to Village residents.

The Police Social Worker

    Assists victims and family members during crises such as suicide, violent crimes, domestic violence, child abuse, and elder abuse

    Responds to senior concerns by linking elderly residents with appropriate services

    Connects residents with local resources for circumstances related to substance use, mental health, grief, and juvenile issues

    Offers Salvation Army emergency funds to individuals and families who are in need of assistance and meet Salvation Army criteria

    Assist families in navigating Smart911 or the Premise Alert Program for a loved one with a disability or specific medical need. 

Appointments can be made by calling 847-745-4755.

Premise Alert Program

The Lincolnwood Police Department is mindful of the increasing number of interactions with people in crises. From time to time, members of the police department encounter people who have a mental illness, an intellectual disability, neurological conditions (autism, dementia), sensory needs, speech delays, and other disabilities. 

Providing officers with information about a person's condition is one way to collaborate to best meet the needs of the individual and keep officers informed when responding to assist in these situations.  There are currently 2 ways a resident can communicate their needs or those of a loved one: 

    *Smart 911 (link to main Smart911 page on Lincolnwood PD) which is available to all residents and is not specific for those with special needs

    Premise Alert Program (PAP)- the Illinois Premise Alert Program (Public Act 96‐0788) was enacted allowing individuals with special needs or disabilities, or their guardians, to provide personal information to public safety agencies in the State of Illinois for emergency dissemination to police, fire, and EMS personnel. The information provided in the PAP will be put in the Communication Center’s Computer‐Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that will provide vital information to first responders prior to arrival at the scene. The form is valid for 2 years. To participate in this program, complete the FORM.  Completed forms may be mailed or dropped off. A copy of the form may also be obtained at the Lincolnwood Police Department front desk.

Contact the Lincolnwood Police Department Social Worker:

Margaret Conway LCSW