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A Message from Mayor Barry Bass, Village Manager Anne Marie Gaura and Police Chief Jay Parrott

We live in challenging and unsettling times.  As a result of the tragic encounter that took place in Minneapolis, we would like to extend our condolences to the George Floyd family on his senseless death at the hands of police. It is truly a sad time and we must continue to strive to keep the public trust.

Policing in America has been severely impacted by this disturbing death on many levels. Police departments across the country have tried to make strides on continually improving police-community relations. This has been done by making effective policy changes on use of force, training in de-escalation, crisis intervention, protecting the rights of minorities, and utilizing the principles of police legitimacy and procedural justice.

The police are not above the law and because of their oath to uphold the law, police must be held more accountable than the general public. There is no place for racism and bigotry within policing and within serving the Lincolnwood community, and it will not be tolerated at all. Lincolnwood is a small but progressive Village that respects and embraces our diverse community. We train our officers to understand implicit bias, practice non bias-based policing and have policies in place to ensure proper oversight on police encounters.  We mandate that all complaints against police officers are taken, documented and properly investigated.

The Lincolnwood Police Department has regulations that prohibit chokeholds as required under Illinois law, training in de-escalation, a mandated duty to intervene if an officer observes behavior in violation of department policies, restrictions on discharging a firearm at a moving vehicle and a comprehensive use of force reporting system when a use of force incident occurs.

The Lincolnwood Police Department will continue to police professionally, without prejudice and serve the community with honor and integrity.  Nothing less will be acceptable to the Village and its residents.

Barry Bass                                                           Anne Marie Gaura                                                   Jason Parrott
Mayor                                                                   Village Manager                                                       Chief of Police

Village of Lincolnwood
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