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Art Gallery Reception – January 7

Join the Village for its next art gallery installation beginning January 6, featuring artist Barbara Primack’s show entitled, “Exploration of Style.” A free reception will be held on January 7 from
5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Artist Statement: 
Being a painter, I find that I am always looking at and inspired by my surroundings – The many shades of green in a single tree, or how unbelievable cloud patterns are. As I look back over the 50 years that I’ve been painting I see a clear evolution in my work. Even my choice of colors has evolved, possibly influenced by occurrences in my life.

I am driven by a strong need to paint, and am constantly looking for new ideas and creative inspiration. Once I find something that excites me, however, I find myself hooked an can’t seem to alter from the subject or style. Then, I’ll breathe in a crisp autumn day, or be moved by a child joyfully playing outside. All of a sudden, I am anxious to get another style or subject going. I feel so lucky to have this passion in my life, knowing that at any time, like a great explosion, I’ll need to pick up my paint brush and go.

I always enjoy displaying my art and witnessing the audience’s reaction. I like to imagine what they’re thinking and feeling. I have never titled my painting as I feel strongly that when someone hangs a piece in their home it’s because it meant something to them. I hope that they’ll give the piece a title that reflects that.

Village of Lincolnwood
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