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Pending Zoning Applications


Below is a listing, by the scheduled Public Hearing date, for zoning relief applications
which are
pending consideration by the Village.


Click on the address or title to view additional information and the nature of the zoning relief requested.  Public comment is invited at the Public Hearing.  Documents related to each application may be inspected during business hours in the Community Development Department.  The Village has also developed a story map which graphically shows significant developments in the community that are being reviewed or have been approved.  This story map is available here.


April 22, 2020 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting

Case #ZB-01-20:  6699 North Lincoln Avenue –Variations Related to Parking Lot Landscaping

Request:  Consideration of a request by Paco Orozco, Petitioner, on behalf of 6699 N Lincoln LLC, Property Owners, to approve Variations to 1) waive the requirement for two parking lot landscape islands, 2) reduce the required size of two other parking lot landscape islands, 3) waive the requirement for a tree in the two proposed parking lot landscape islands, 4) waive the requirement for the eight-foot-wide perimeter landscape screening around the parking area, and 5) waive the requirement for the required ten-foot setback and landscaped transition yard abutting a residentially zoned property.  During this Hearing, the Zoning Board of Appeals may consider any additional relief that may be discovered during the review of this case.

April 1, 2020 Plan Commission Meeting

(Meeting Canceled Due to a Lack of Agenda Items)

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