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Citizen Survey

In the fall of 2017 the Village conducted a Citizen Survey through National Research Center, Inc. (NRC). The purpose of the Citizen Survey (Survey) was to gauge the residents’ opinions on the quality of Village services and the quality of life in the Village.  This was the first time that the Village conducted a survey since 2007 and the data derived from these results will be utilized as part of the upcoming 2018/2019 Budget.  The survey results were presented at the February 6, 2018, Committee of the Whole Meeting.  The purpose of  this webpage is to provide the results of the Survey along with actions being taken by the Village to utilize the feedback from residents.

The Citizen Survey was promoted on the Village’s various social media platforms, website and newsletter which resulted in 451 responses being received which is a 30% response rate.  At this level of response, NRC reports that there is a 95% Confidence Level in the results (the margin of error is no greater than +/- 5%).  The attached Report and Presentation provide a complete picture of the responses received by residents but some highlights from the data include:

  • Quality of Life: 84% of respondents said that quality of life in Lincolnwood was either  “Excellent” or “Good”
  • Place to Live: 89% of respondents said that Lincolnwood was either an “Excellent” or “Good” place to live
  • Quality of Village Services: 78% of respondents said that the overall quality of Village services was either “Excellent” or “Good”
    • Police Services received 85% positive rating
    • Fire Services received 93% positive rating

The documents below provide an overview and additional information regarding the process and results.

Livability Report – 2017 Results
February 6, 2018 Committee of the Whole Presentation

If you have any questions about the results of the Citizen Survey, please contact Charles Meyer, Assistant to the Village Manager, at / (847) 745-4715.



Village of Lincolnwood
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