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Commercial Vehicle Parking Regulations

On August 15 and September 5, 2017 the Village Board amended the Village Code regarding commercial vehicle parking regulations after a series of public meetings to discuss the matter. Provided below is a summary of the amended regulations.

What is a commercial vehicle?
A commercial vehicle is any vehicle used to conduct business. This includes: taxicabs, limousines, panel vans, trucks, vehicles used in connection with construction and landscaping, tow trucks, vehicles used to advertise a business or a product, delivery vehicles and businesses used for ride-sharing services.

Commercial vehicles in residential areas must be parked within enclosed garages or follow the regulations summarized below. No commercial vehicles may park on residential streets overnight.

Recreational vehicles are prohibited within residential driveways with the exception of boats April 2- October 30 and snowmobiles November 30-March 31.

No more than two vehicles with snowplows attached may be parked on residential driveways from November 1- April 1.

Construction vehicles such as bobcats are prohibited on residential driveways unless for construction that has a valid building permit.

License Plates
Vehicles with D License Plates are Prohibited to Park on Residential Driveways (Unless for Passenger Use) No More than One Vehicle with a B
License Plate in a Residential Driveway
Height and Length
Vehicles May Not Exceed Six Feet in Height (Height Includes Any Equipment Affixed to the Top of the Vehicle) Vehicles May Not Exceed 21 Feet in Length
No Car Wraps Advertising May Not Exceed 10 Square Feet
on Each Side and No Rooftop Advertising
No More than One Taxi May be Parked in a Residential Driveway May Only Have a Rooftop Sign that Reads “Taxi” and
Advertising May Not Exceed 10 Square Feet on Each Side
Panel Vans
Panel Vans with No Rear Seating and No Passenger Windows Prohibited in Residential Driveways Panel Vans with Rear Seating and Rear Windows
Allowed in Residential Driveways




















Village of Lincolnwood
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