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Damaged Trees Permit Information

Village staff is aware that several trees and structures may have been damaged in the wake of the storms that impacted the Village on Monday, August 10. Please note the following regarding the repair or removal of damaged property:

  • For damaged structures, property owners may do what is necessary to stabilize any structural damage that poses an imminent threat to safety. However, the full repair of damaged structures, roofs, windows, or other elements likely requires a Building Permit. Please reach out to the Community Development Department and staff will assist you in determining what type of permit is necessary and what is required to issue the permit as quickly as possible.
  • For damaged trees, fallen limbs may be removed. However, the further trimming or removal of trees may require a Tree Management Permit. Please contact the Community Development Department to begin this process, and staff will coordinate with the Village Arborist to determine the appropriate way to proceed. It is recommended that property owners document the condition of any trees prior to trimming.
Village of Lincolnwood
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