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Our Parks & Bike Paths

The Parks and Recreation Department encompasses approximately 1,728 acres, much of which is occupied by residential and business land uses. Included in the Village boundaries are 13 parks and two multi-use recreational paths. Learn more about each park below or view an interactive park map.

Lincolnwood Park Map
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Community Parks

The crown jewels of our park system are our two community parks. Elements in these parks include playgrounds, shade structures, trail and path systems, and multiple sports courts and fields. Community parks located in the Village include:

Henry A. Proesel Park, 7030 N. Lincoln Ave. Proesel Park includes an Aquatic Center, baseball/softball diamonds, soccer field, outdoor fitness equipment, two full basketball courts, children’s playground area, picnic facilities, pergola sitting area, three lighted tennis courts, in-line skating rink, outdoor ice skating rink, and two volleyball courts. Parking is available along Kostner Ave. and Morse Ave. Dogs are not allowed in the park, but dogs on-leash may be walked on the sidewalk around the park.


Lincolnwood Centennial Park, 6801 McCormick Blvd. One mile-long park adjacent to McCormick Boulevard and extending from Touhy Avenue south to Devon along the North Shore Channel; a passive park featuring sculptures, and walking /jogging paths that extend the length of the park; dogs on leashes are allowed in Lincolnwood Centennial Park. This newly renovated park now includes an outdoor amphitheater, a stage that doubles as a fishing platform and an area for small craft access to the channel and a nine-hole disc golf course. Dogs on-leash are allowed in Centennial Park. Please be considerate and pick up after your dog.

Neighborhood Parks

Other smaller, neighborhood parks serve as community gathering areas and typically include play structures, swings, picnic areas and seating. Dogs are not allowed in these parks. These neighborhood parks include:

Arthur M. Goebelt Park, 6621 Kilbourn Ave.
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court

Central Park, 6451 Central Park Ave.
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court, two tennis courts

Charles L. O’Brien Park7260 East Prairie Rd.
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court

Columbia Park, 3745 Columbia Ave.
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court

Drake Park, 6750 Drake Ave.
Playground equipment, 2 – 1/2 court basketball courts

G.G. Rowell Park, 6555 Albion Ave.
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court

Kenneth Park, 7255 Kenneth
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court

Kildare Park, 7245 Kildare Ave.
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court

M. Lester Flowers Park, 4520 W. Pratt Ave.
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court, two tennis courts, baseball field

Richard R. Rossi Park7025 Keystone Ave.
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court

Springfield Park, 3901 Arthur Ave.
Playground equipment, 1/2 court basketball court, skate spot

Bike/Pedestrian Paths

Bike Map View a map of the regional bike paths with connection points for the North Shore Channel Trail, Sauganash Trail Park, Skokie Valley Trail, Union Pacific Bicycle Path, and Valley Line Trail.

Lincolnwood Bike/Pedestrian Paths:

Pratt Avenue Sharrows and Biking Information

Dog Friendly Areas

Dogs on leash are welcome at the following Lincolnwood public locations. Please be a good neighbor and pick up after your pet. Trash cans are available for disposal of pet waste. 

Adopt-a-Path Program

Do you know of a group or organization who is interested in helping to keep our paths looking beautiful? a community initiative where individuals and civic-minded organizations “adopt” sections of the Valley Line Trail, Union Pacific Path, or Centennial Park.  Learn about our new “Adopt-a-Path” program.


In honor of … the Lincolnwood Parks and Recreation’s park donation program is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a special individual or group or to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or special event. Trees, benches, and other equipment may be purchased and installed in select neighborhood parks through this program. For more information about donation options, please call 847-677-9740 or email us at

Village of Lincolnwood
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