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The Adopt-a-Path Program is a community initiative where interested individuals and civic-minded organizations “adopt” sections of the Valley Line Trail, Union Pacific Path, or Centennial Park  Trail.  These participants will be responsible for cleaning up their section of the paths four times a year during a two-year period.  The adopted sections will be publicly recognized with a sign parallel to the path displaying the name of the adopting organization. The sign will read, “Village of Lincolnwood, Path Adopted by: Organization Name.”

Program Guidelines
The Parks and Recreation Department coordinates this Program with the applying organization in conjunction with the Public Works Department.  The program is available to any interested organization with a presence in Lincolnwood, such as businesses, neighborhoods, or civic groups. Clean-up dates shall be determined by the participants and should occur at least a month apart from each other.

Participants will contact the Public Works Department at least one week in advance of their planned volunteer date to coordinate picking up supplies. Participants are required to pick up personal protective equipment and garbage bags from the Public Works Department by the end of business hours (4:30 p.m.) on the business day prior to the volunteer date. All personal protective equipment are to be returned to Public Works by the end of the following business day (4:30 p.m.).

Signing Up
Interested parties must complete the application located on this page.  Each participant to the program must also complete the waiver which is also attached to this page in advance of the clean-up event.  After completing the application and waiver(s) please email the forms to

Application – To be completed by the organization interested in this Program
Waiver – To be completed by every participant





Village of Lincolnwood
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