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Budget and Plans

The Finance Department provides general management oversight of all financial transactions of the Village. Specific responsibilities include accounting and financial reporting of Village resources, cash (treasury) management, general ledger, cash receipts, cash disbursements and accounts payable, utility billing, business licenses, vehicle license registration and sale, parking ticket violation collection and set-up court dates, capital asset accountability, financial budgeting and forecasting, insurance and risk management, payroll and personnel matters, purchasing, employee benefit and retirement matters, Grant(s) management, debt management, and Police Pension Fund accounting. The Finance Department works with the Village’s Departments to create several reports and information on the financial condition of the government. Information regarding the Village’s budgets and finances can be found on the following pages:


FY 2021 Annual Budget

2019-2020 Budget

2018-2019 Budget

2017-2018 Budget

2016-2017 Budget

2015-2016 Budget

2014-2015 Budget

2013-2014 Budget

2012-2013 Budget

2011-2012 Budget

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)

2019-2020 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 

                                            2018-2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2017-2018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2016-2017 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2015-2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2014-2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2013-2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2012-2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2011-2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

Tax Information

To assist in the formulation of various Village policies or actions concerning community development, various plans and reports are prepared. Below are key plans and reports that assist the Village in establishing policies or taking actions.

Plans and Reports

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