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Lincolnwood Crime Bulletin

The Village of Lincolnwood’s Police Department issues a weekly crime bulletin. Each bulletin reviews crimes that occurred during the week and adult arrests. To learn more, contact the Police Department at (847) 745-4776.

View an interactive map version of the bulletin here.


2020-03-31 Police Blotter68 KiB421
2020-03-25 Police Blotter69 KiB404
2020-04-21 Police Blotter69 KiB303
2020-06-09 Police Blotter70 KiB318
2020-05-12 Police Blotter71 KiB331
2020-05-19 Police Blotter71 KiB394
2020-05-26 Police Blotter73 KiB393
2020-07-08 Police Blotter73 KiB197
2019-12-10 Police Blotter73 KiB282
2019-10-08 Police Blotter73 KiB356
2019-09-04 Police Blotter73 KiB298
2019-08-13 Police Blotter73 KiB324
2020-05-05 Police Blotter74 KiB458
2020-04-28 Police Blotter74 KiB402
2019-09-10 Police Blotter74 KiB466
2019-08-27 Police Blotter74 KiB380
2019-10-22 Police Blotter74 KiB309
2019-10-29 Police Blotter75 KiB396
2019-10-15 Police Blotter75 KiB324
2020-01-21 Police Blotter75 KiB321
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