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Human Relations Commission Person of the Year

Annually the Human Relations Commission (HRC) receives nominations related to their Person of the Year Award. Nominees of the Award are recognized for their commitment to public service by taking their time to inspire others and by promoting respect, patience, understanding, and a welcoming atmosphere. This year’s Award was bestowed on Mr. Tom Bujnowski, who serves as the Building Engineer for Todd Hall with School District 74. In his role for the last 27 years, Mr. Bujnowski regularly goes above and beyond his normal duties as he greets children, parents and caregivers every morning (no matter the weather outside) with a smile. Mr. Bujnowski knows all of the students’ names and is working behind the scenes at every event, making sure that it runs without issues for students and staff. Mr. Bujnowski demonstrates the example of excellence and dedication that embodies this Award. Mr. Bujnowski was honored by the HRC and Village Board during their meeting on Tuesday, and he was joined by his family for the event. Thank you,  Mr. Bujnowski, for your shining example to Lincolnwood’s youth.

                                         Tom Bujnowski accepting the award from Sergeant Namovicz

Village of Lincolnwood
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