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Letter from the Mayor

Dear Members of the Lincolnwood Community,

The tragic news that our community awoke to this morning of the mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand is heartbreaking and unconscionable. At least 49 people have lost their lives with many others injured. We have seen way too many mass shootings throughout the United States and worldwide that cause loss of life that serves no purpose in society; other than showing that hatred readily exists and all effort must be made to prevent this from occurring again.

As Mayor, I along with the Village Board stand united with our community and take freedom and safety of worship very seriously. Our community must continually remain vigilant during this period of mourning for the many victims who lost their life in New Zealand. We must be aware of taking proper precautions to promote a safe and secure location for gatherings at houses of worship, schools, shopping malls and other public areas. Our police department has already responded by stepping up patrols at the Sacred Learning Center located in the 3900 block of Devon Avenue in addition to our other places of gathering. We must embrace our cultural unity within the Village and protect all from the harms others may want to cause.

I encourage residents and business owners alike, to report any behavior that seems out of the ordinary. Our best prevention is awareness, and reporting suspicious behavior to the police who can then appropriately respond and investigate.

I want to again express my sympathy for this tragedy and the impact it brings from abroad. This horrific event still affects our day to day life within Lincolnwood and the realistic concerns that have been brought forth by these senseless acts that allow for loss of life.


Barry Bass, Mayor – Village of Lincolnwood

Village of Lincolnwood
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