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Lincolnwood Limits

Stay motivated and stretch your limits in this local, virtual challenge!


Lincolnwood Limits is designed to be a community-based challenge that encourages participants to commit to running, walking, biking, or otherwise completing the equivalent of the distance of Lincolnwood’s boundaries (7.7 miles) a certain times each month.

This is a distance-based challenge, which provides an opportunity to vary your pace and means of completing the challenge. You do not need to complete a full 7.7 lap in one workout. Each 7.7 mile “lap around Lincolnwood” can be completed however you choose – in segments over multiple days, all at once, through different types of workouts over one or multiple days, indoors on fitness equipment or while walking laps through a large building, outdoors along any route you create, etc. 

You also get to “choose your own challenge” within this event in that you are be able to determine how many times to complete the equivalent of Lincolnwood’s limits each month. Choose to complete anywhere from 7.7 (Lincolnwood Limits – ONE) to 38.5 miles per month (Lincolnwood Limits – FIVE), or set your own goals beyond that point (Lincolnwood Limited – UNLIMTED).

This virtual event will begin in January 2021 and run through March 2021, to help us stay motivated during our region’s coldest months. You will receive a race shirt and medal, and will have the opportunity to earn custom, Lincolnwood-themed pins to add to your medal’s lanyard each month.

Let’s kick this new year off right, while inspiring ourselves, neighbors, family, and friends to meet our goals and safety stretch our limits.


How the Challenge Works: 

  1. When registering for the event, select the number of times you would like to commit to completing the equivalent of Lincolnwood’s limits, or 7.7 miles, each month.
    • The exact measurement for Lincolnwood’s boundaries came in at 7.715364 – we rounded to 7.7 to keep it simple for everyone
  2. Beginning the first week of January, start tracking your daily/weekly miles with your monthly goal in mind.
    • Track your progress in RunSignup to monitor your progress, earn badges, and share in your successes with others participating in the same challenge level! Links and instructions for submitting results will be sent to all participants.
  3. Near the end of each month, our team will check in with you to learn about your progress.
  4. For each month that you accomplish your goal, you will earn a custom, Lincolnwood-focused pin to attach to your medal’s lanyard
    • Pins can be received in one of three ways:
      1. Picked up monthly – Included
        • Challenge Shirt, Challenge Medal, and January Pin Pick-Up: February
        • February Pin Pick-Up: March
        • March Pin Pick-Up: April
      2. Picked up once in February – $5 Packing Fee
        • Pins will be marked and wrapped separately, to be opened after completing each month of the challenge
      3. Mailed once in February – $10 Packing and Shipping Fee
  5. Celebrate your monthly accomplishments with family, friends, and neighbors! Rock the medal and pins you earned through this unique, community challenge!

Important: This is a virtual challenge; there is no official route or course for this event. Racers are not encouraged to attempt to run the actual Village boundaries. Runners, walkers, and bicyclists determine how to complete the 5K or 10K on their own, at a location of their own choosing at their own risk. The services typically available during an in-person race are not available for the virtual event. 


Challenge SWAG:

Earn awesome SWAG as you conquer your goals! All racers will receive a challenge shirt and medal. For each month that you accomplish your goal, you will earn a custom, Lincolnwood-focused pin to attach to your medal’s lanyard.

Challenge Shirt Challenge Medal


January Challenge Pin February Challenge Pin March Challenge Pin



Lincolnwood Limits is supported by local businesses and organizations, and community members. Thank you to all of our sponsors for their generous support of this community challenge!

Seeking Lincolnwood Limits Sponsors! Would you, or someone you know, like the opportunity to promote your company or service to the participants and supporters of this challenge? We love our sponsors, and it’s your generosity that will help us make this a fun community challenge. Join our team and share in the success. For more information, please contact Lincolnwood Parks & Recreation at 847-677-9740 or or check out the Sponsorship Commitment Form.



Village of Lincolnwood
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