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Lincolnwood Non-Profit Organizations

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Lincolnwood is working to connect residents with non-profits in the community. To help facilitate this process, Lincolnwood may be promoting non-profits that are registered within the corporate boundaries of the community through future posts on social media and / or the Village website. To this end, if there is a non-profit registered within Lincolnwood that wants to be promoted in this manner, please email Jonathan Bogue, Management Analyst at the Village of Lincolnwood at with the following information by noon on April 23:

  • The name of the non-profit
  • Website / Facebook for the non-profit
  • Proof that the organization is a non-profit registered in Lincolnwood
  • A mission statement no longer than 15 words describing the non-profit that may be used by the Village as part of this process

After the information has been collected, the Village intends to post all non-profits that meet the criteria set above in a single post on social media. The post will include the name of the non-profit and website or facebook page for the non-profit.

Village of Lincolnwood
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