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Lincolnwood Police Announce Temporary Change in Service Protocols Due to COVID-19

On March 17, 2020, the Lincolnwood Police Department announced a temporary service change in protocol due to the COVID-19. Until further notice, the Police Department will suspend from providing any of the following services until transmission risks of COVID-19 are diminished, according to the CDC and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

  • Speaking at any community gatherings or providing presentations, this includes the Citizen Police Academy and the Neighborhood Watch meeting
  • Police ride-alongs, station tours, visits from the public and fingerprinting services
  • Responding to non-injury or drivable accidents
  • Responding to cold theft reports, matters of record or minor incidents that already occurred and the incident is after the fact where no safety issue exists
  • Crime prevention security surveys

Police reports will be taken by phone for non-emergency and minor incidents where an officer does not need to respond.  The public is also allowed to have reports taken at the police station lobby by officers through the partition glass that exists separating the lobby and the secured portion of the Police Department.

Traffic crashes where there is no injury, and the vehicles are drivable will require all involved parties to come to the station lobby at the same time where an officer will complete a report. We respectfully request that individuals awaiting a police officer for a report to practice social distancing amongst themselves.  This is requested for the protection of everyone and to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

The Lincolnwood Police understand that this practice of social distancing is a change in how we engage the public and is only being implemented to help prevent the spread of infection. Our obligation is to always assist the public, making these changes protects our first responders and the public-at-large. Saving lives is our ultimate goal.

Thank you for understanding and helping everyone get through this challenging time that we are all dealing with worldwide.

Please, click here for the full press release.

For more information about COVID-19 and the Village’s response, please visit

Village of Lincolnwood
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