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Madeleine Grant Volunteer of the Year Award “One Person Makes a Difference”

About the Award:

Madeleine Grant who served the Village of Lincolnwood as a member of several committees, Library Board President, and as its Mayor for nearly 8 years, was a strong believer in volunteerism, as a source of strength to a community’s vibrancy.  The Village of Lincolnwood is proud to present this recognition annually in her memory to a resident(s) who meet(s) the qualifications.

The recognition for the Madeleine Grant Lincolnwood Volunteer of the Year will be presented at the Board of Trustees meeting late summer.


The recipient to be recognized must be a resident (excluding the Mayor and Village Board members).  Nominees must be sponsored by two unrelated people who either reside or work in the Village.  Criteria to determine the recipient of this recognition are as follows:  1) accomplishments in the Village of Lincolnwood’s interest; 2) number of years of service to the Village; 3) type of service; 4) letters of recommendation will be useful in the selection process, but are optional.  The recognition committee will have full discretion in reviewing nominations.

Selection Committee:

The Selection Committee will be comprised of the Mayor, the Village Manager, 2 Village Trustees selected by the Mayor, 1 chairperson from one of the Village’s regularly constituted commissions or committees, a member of the Grant family and the previous year’s winner(s).

Selection Process:

Applications MUST be submitted to the Mayor’s Office by Monday, May 31. Please print or type all the information on the form below.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. The selection committee may opt to interview the finalists.  At the Village Board Meeting, the committee will recognize the recipient, along with acknowledging any finalists.  A plaque displaying the recipient’s names will be kept in the Village Hall.  Co-recipients may be recognized from time to time.  A person can only receive the recognition once in 10 years.


Any questions may be directed to the Mayor’s Office (847) 745-4717. The application can be found here.


Village of Lincolnwood
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