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2019 Street Lighting Project

Location: Devon Avenue (Lincoln to Longmeadow, except adjacent to the Bryn Mawr Country Club), Cicero Avenue (Jarvis to Devon), McCormick Boulevard (Touhy to North Shore), and spot lighting at the bike path crossings on Pratt Avenue and at the intersection of Touhy and Crawford – MAP

Start of Construction: Spring, 2019

Estimated Completion of Construction: Fall, 2019

Contractor: Hecker and Company, Inc.

Project Description: New street lights will be installed on Devon Avenue, including decorative black metal poles and LED fixtures. In addition, the existing black pole street lights on McCormick and Cicero will be retrofitted with LED fixtures. New lighting will also be installed at the bike path crossings on Pratt Avenue to improve the illumination of the area.

Estimated Construction Cost: $1,200,000

Funding Source: Motor Fuel Tax reserves and Tax Increment Financing District reserves (Devon, Lincoln to Proesel and McCormick Boulevard)

Village of Lincolnwood
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