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North Shore Outfall Sewer Project

Location: Generally North Shore Avenue, between the UP Trail and the North Shore Channel and adjacent streets – MAP

Start of Construction: September, 2019

Estimated Completion of Construction: July, 2020

Contractor: DiMeo Brothers, Inc.

Project Description: The project includes a stormwater-only sewer that is planed to be installed on North Shore Avenue between Drake Avenue and the North Shore Channel. The project also includes other tributary sewers on Spaulding, Christiana, and Kimball Avenues. This sewer, as recommended in the Village’s Stormwater Master Plan, will contribute to meeting the Village’s goal of reducing the likelihood of basement backups during a 10-year storm event by diverting stormwater from the Village’s combined sewer system. In conjunction with this project, adjoining roadways including North Shore Avenue (Drake to UP Trail), Kimball Avenue (North Shore to Albion), Christiana Avenue (North Shore to Albion), and Rance Terrace will be resurfaced. The additional resurfacing work allows the Village to take advantage of economies of scale to complete necessary improvements.

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Estimated Construction Cost: $3,950,000

Funding Source: This project has been selected by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) as part of its cost sharing program for local stormwater improvements. As such, the MWRD will be contributing approximately $1,400,000 toward the construction of the project.

Village of Lincolnwood
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