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Permit and License Applications

The Village requires a number of permits and licenses in order to ensure compliance with the Village Code. Below is a comprehensive list of the permits and licenses required by the Village:

Alarm User Permit

An alarm user permit is required for all residences / businesses operating an alarm system on their premise. The fee is $25.00 for the initial permit and an annual renewal fee of $25.00.  Please click here for additional information and current application.

Block Party Permits

Permits for block parties must be submitted one week in advance of the party. Signatures of all residents on the block are required in order to ensure all are informed that the street will be temporarily closed. Click here for the application for a residential block party. Click here for the application for a commercial block party.

Building and Construction Permits

Most improvement projects require a building or construction permit. Click here for more information.

Dog Licenses

Dog licenses are required for dogs over four months in age and are due July 1 of each year. Proof of rabies inoculations is required for license issuance. The fee for a license is $8; however, the fee is reduced to $4 for dogs that are spayed or neutered. A dog license must be obtained in person at the Finance Department during normal business hours.

Additionally, owners of a “Vicious Dog”, as defined by the Village Code, must:

  • Implant an identification microchip
  • Neuter or spay the dog
  • Restrain the dog with a non-retractable leash no longer than six feet
  • Obtain public liability insurance in the amount of $150,000
  • Post signs on their premises that warn of the vicious dog
  • Keep the dog in an enclosure at all times
  • Only remove the dog from the enclosure when transporting it for veterinary care and then the dog must be muzzled

Garage and Estate Sale Permits

Garage and estate sale permits are available for $3 and applications must be submitted three days prior to the sale. Residents are limited to a combination of two garage and/or estate sales per calendar year with a minimum of 30 days between sales. Click here for the Garage Sale application. Click here for the Estate Sale application.

Liquor License

The Village has a number of liquor licenses, which are all filled. Licenses are issued on a case-by-case basis. If anyone is interested in obtaining a liquor license, please submit your request in writing to the Village President, including the type of business, address, hours of operation, and types of alcohol that you desire to sell or serve. Please call (847) 745-4717 with any questions.

Solicitor’s Permits

Permits are required by anyone desiring to solicit in any area of the Village. Permits fees are $25 per day or $250 for 60 consecutive days. Click here for the application.

Vehicle Sticker

Vehicle stickers go on sale in late May and are valid July 1 through June 30. Pre-printed application forms are mailed in late May to all residents who purchased a vehicle sticker the previous year. If you do not receive a pre-printed form, a sticker can be issued with a current Illinois vehicle registration.

New residents must update their Illinois vehicle registration with the Secretary of State to reflect their new Lincolnwood address. There is a late charge of $10 per month after June 30. Stickers can be purchased at Village Hall, and fees are as follows:

$50.00- Passenger Vehicle

$40.00- Motorcycle

$60.00 and up- Various Trucks

Utility Taxes

The Village’s natural gas and electricity utility tax rates are 5.15%. For more information regarding utility tax rebates for elderly and low income residents, click here.

The simplified municipal telecommunications tax rate is 13%, 6% of which is allocated to the Village and 7% is allocated to the State of Illinois.

Village of Lincolnwood
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