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Stormwater Street Storage Program

The Village has been working for several years to develop a stormwater management plan that will address flooding issues within the community. Historically, when a heavy rainfall event occurs the Village has experienced sewers discharging into basements. In response to flooding problems, the Village Board directed that a plan be developed to provide the community with a level of protection from sewers discharging for up to a 10-year rain event (i.e. a storm of such intensity that it has a 10% chance of occurring in any given year).

Throughout the planning process, the Village explored a variety of options and ultimately determined that using the public right-of-way to temporarily store stormwater while it slowly discharges into the sewer system would provide the greatest benefit at the least cost and should be the first step in reaching the desired 10-year level of protection. By temporarily storing water on the street, the sewer system does not become overwhelmed during heavy rainfalls, which can lead to backups into basements. Street storage involves constructing gradual berms on streets to contain the stormwater. In addition, underground restrictors will be placed within catch basin inlets to control the release rate of water into the sewer. Each block will be engineered separately to ensure that there are no adverse impacts to adjacent properties during a storm. This method of water detention has been successfully used in Wilmette and Skokie.

Frequently Asked Questions have been developed to provide more information regarding how street storage works and what residents should expect following a large rain event.

Pilot Program 

The Village has selected a pilot area within the southeast corner of the Village to construct the initial street storage improvements. The improvements in this area will be evaluated to determine the efficacy of the program prior to constructing street storage improvements throughout the Village. This will be evaluated using flow data collected from two combined sewers within the pilot area and compared to data that has been collected prior to the construction of the project. In addition, the Village will be seeking feedback from residents within the pilot area via an online survey after each rain event.

Every property within the pilot area has received notification of the project and updates are available on the Infrastructure Projects pageClick here for a map of the pilot area.

Village of Lincolnwood
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