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Water Bill Information

Water meter readings for billing are transmitted via an automated meter reader system. Charges for water rates are due 25 days after the billing date as shown on the bill. Click here for more information on final water readings.

Water Rate:

The current water rate is $8.69 per 1,000 gallons of water consumed (effective May 1, 2016). This price includes the purchase of water from the City of Chicago and the delivery of water to residents by the Village.

Capital Improvement Fund:

Each bill includes a monthly charge of $3.15 which is allocated to the Capital Improvement Fund to maintain the existing water delivery system. Water bills for residential properties are issued quarterly, and reflect a charge of $9.45 for the three-month period. Water bills for commercial properties are issued monthly, therefore they reflect the monthly charge of $3.15.

Water Meter Fee:

Residential properties are charged a water meter fund fee of $4.50 for each three-month billing period. Commercial properties are charged a water meter fund fee of $9.00 per month. These fees are assessed for the use of the Village’s water meters.

Debt Service Charge:

A charge of $0.38 per 1,000 gallons of water consumed is billed for both residential and commercial properties. This charge is allocated to pay debts incurred to improve the water delivery system.

Sewer User Fee:

A $1.00 sewer user fee is assessed per 1,000 units of water used. Funds that are generated from the sewer user charge are utilized for maintenance of the Village’s combined sewer system as well as any improvements or repairs that are needed.

The Village has Many Options for Residents Interested in Paying their Water Bills Electronically:

  • To sign up for automatic debit of a checking account for water payment please click here.
  • To visit the online water payment portal please click here.

Additional Water Billing Forms:

Water Quality Report
Click here for the latest Consumer Confidence Report.

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