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Water Service Line Information

Water Service Line Information 

Residents and businesses throughout the Village receive their water through a service line that connects their property to the Village’s water distribution system. The service line runs from the inside of the home, out toward the Village’s water main, generally located under the street or parkway. Before the service line reaches the main, it connects to either the water meter or a buffalo box (if the water meter is located indoors). The property owner owns the service line from the home to the meter or buffalo box. The Village owns and maintains the connection from the water main to the meter/buffalo box. The diagram below demonstrates the typical service line configuration in the Village.

Service Line Material Information

The Village’s distribution system is comprised primarily of ductile and cast iron pipe; however, many homes in the Village were constructed during a period in which lead was the primary material being used for water service lines. Homes built after 1986 generally have Copper connections, as lead services were prohibited during that time. The Village currently receives water from the City of Chicago, where the water is treated with a chemical that helps minimize lead from flaking off of service lines. Additionally, the Environmental Protection Agency requires the Village to test lead levels at many different, random locations throughout the Village every three years. The most recent round of testing was completed in 2017, with the results demonstrating the Village is in full compliance in regards to levels of lead. If you would like to know what your service line is made of, please use the property search feature below.

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