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Statement Concerning Village Water System

A recent news article in the Chicago Tribune highlighted lead levels in many local communities’ water supplies. The Village’s water system is made primarily of ductile and cast iron. The Village tests 60 sites per year at locations approved by the IEPA to test for lead and copper levels. Lead can sometimes be detected at these sites if there is a lead service line serving the home. Lead service lines are privately owned, and residents with homes constructed before the 1980s may want to consider replacement of their lines, as homes built before the 1980s often utilized lead pipes.  The test highlighted for the Village of Lincolnwood was in a home that was vacant for over a month in which stagnant water in the home’s private lead lines was tested and found to have high lead values.  Based on the numerous and regular testing by the Village is is believed that there is not an issue with lead stemming from the Village’s infrastructure.​  The IEPA allows a lead limit of 15 parts per billion (ppb) in water before action must be taken to mitigate its presence. Residents who are concerned about lead levels can test their water with instant test kits sold in most local hardware stores. The Village’s lead testing history has historically been within compliance with the IEPA, as the majority of samples fall under the 15 ppb threshold. Homes that exceed that level are notified and given notice on how to reduce the level. If you have questions about the safety of your water, please contact Public Works.

Village of Lincolnwood
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