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Update: Public Water Supply Boil Order

The Village understands residents’ concerns and questions regarding this morning’s loss of water pressure due to a power failure at the pump house. The main priority earlier this morning was to bring the water system back online. Once that was accomplished, the next priority was communicating the status to our residents. The focus has been on getting the word out via social media and mass media. We have also utilized the Village’s reverse 911 system to inform residents of the Boil Order. We would like to thank School District 74 for using their system to help distribute information. The Village hears residents’ concerns regarding the timeliness of communication of the loss of water. We will be evaluating our processes and will be identifying how we can provide information faster in the future. We understand there are still questions and are working on a FAQ that will be posted as soon as it is complete.

Village of Lincolnwood
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