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Update Regarding April 10, 2017 North Shore Channel Incident

At approximately 7:30 am on the morning of April 10, an adult male member of the Northwestern University Rowing Crew fell out of a boat and into the North Shore Channel. At approximately 7:30 pm on April 10, public safety personnel recovered 19-year old Mohammed Ramzan of Northwestern University who tragically perished as a result of the incident. The Village expresses its condolences to the family and the Northwestern Community during this time of tragedy.

The recovery operation took 12 hours and included the coordination of multiple agencies and their public safety personnel who searched for Mr. Ramzan in the North Shore Channel. The Village of Lincolnwood is offering its social services to anyone who needs assistance during this trying time. Please contact the Police Department at (847) 673-2167 if you have any questions.

Village of Lincolnwood
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