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Vote by Mail Information

To obtain an application to vote by mail, registered suburban Cook County voters can:

  • Apply online on the Cook County Clerk’s Office linked here.
  • Download and print the mail ballot application (applications are also available in a variety of languages and can be accessed on the Cook County Clerk’s website, linked here.) 
  • Call the Cook County Clerk’s Office at (312) 603-0946
  • Visit the Cook County’s Clerk’s website, linked here for more information.


Applications must be submitted by mail, certified courier, or in person. Applications cannot be accepted by email or fax. The last day to request a mail ballot is October 29. All ballots must be postmarked or submitted to the Cook County Clerk’s Office by November 3, 2020.

Once they receive your application and verify your registration, they will send you a paper ballot at the address you designate on your application. After making your selections and completing the certification form on the back of the envelope and signing it, mail or deliver your ballot back to us. Please note: if the certification form (on the back of the return envelope) is not signed, your ballot will not be counted.

Mailed ballots must be postmarked by Election Day. Mailed ballots are processed and counted at the Cook County Clerk’s central office.


The Cook County Clerk’s Office is also offering secure mail ballot drop boxes at locations staffed by Clerk employees for this year’s election. These drop boxes will be emptied every day. For a list of these drop boxes, click here. Additionally, the Clerk’s Ballots may also be returned via USPS.

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