Pending Zoning Applications

View listings, by the scheduled Public Hearing date, for zoning relief applications that are pending consideration by the Village. View additional information and the nature of the zoning relief requested. Public comment is invited at the Public Hearing. Documents related to each application may be inspected during business hours in the Community Development Department. The Village has also developed a story map that graphically shows significant developments in the community that is being reviewed or have been approved.

In accordance with the adopted amendments to the Illinois Open Meetings Act permitting the Plan Commission to conduct a virtual Plan Commission meeting, members of the public are allowed to be physically present in the Village Board meeting room in Village Hall at 6900 North Lincoln Avenue, subject to room capacity and social distancing requirements.  Accordingly, the opportunity to view the virtual meeting at Village Hall is available on a “first come, first-served” basis.  Those members of the public present at Village Hall will be able to provide real-time comments in person on the computer available in the Council Chambers.  Anyone who does not desire, or who is not able, to be physically present at Village Hall can watch the Plan Commission meeting live by visiting the Village website or by clicking

Those wishing to submit public comments in writing may do so by emailing comments to prior to the commencement of the meeting. Emails received will be provided to the Plan Commission in advance of the meeting, or read aloud during the appropriate Public Comment period for each matter on the agenda. We ask that you keep your emailed comments to under 200 words to allow time for others to be heard and for the Commission to progress through the public meeting agenda. Thank you for your understanding of these guidelines.

Those unwilling or unable to appear in person but wishing to provide real-time comments to the Plan Commission may do so by participating from a remote location through GoTo Meeting. Login information for participating in this manner is as follows:

  2. AUDIO-ONLY DIAL-IN: (872) 240-3412, ACCESS CODE: 752-910-165

Case Number PC-01-22 3757 West Touhy - Approval of Special Uses and Zoning Variations to allow for the development of a car wash - 1/5/2022 Plan Commission

Consideration of a request by Matthew Fuller, on behalf of Peaceful Oaks Limited Partnership, Property Owner, to approve the following related to the proposed development of a car wash:  Approval of Special Uses related to:  1) a drive-thru facility; and 2) parking in the front yard; and Approval of Zoning Variations related to: 3) outdoor operations related to vacuum stations; 4) an accessory structure with a setback from the primary structure of less than fifteen feet; 5) a reduced setback along the west lot line from 30 feet to thirteen feet to allow for the proposed payment stations and canopies; 6) a fence located in the front yard along the west lot line; 7) the use of concrete masonry units or stone veneer for the entirety of the exterior façade, other than areas where glass is proposed; 8) illumination levels above what is permitted; 9) curb cuts located less than thirty feet apart; 10) a waiver of required building foundation landscaping along the east and west facades; and 11) a reduction on the amount of required parking by fifty-eight spaces, all for the property commonly known as 3757 West Touhy Avenue.  During this Hearing, the Plan Commission may consider any additional relief that may be discovered during the review of this case.

Case Number PC-02-22 Zoning Text Amendment - Standards related to requests for Zoning Variations - 1/5/2022 Plan Commission

Referral by the Village Board to consider potential Text Amendments related to Sections 5.14(5) and 5.15(7) of the Zoning Code, pertaining to the language and application of standards used to determine the appropriateness of Minor Variations (Section 5.14(5)) or Major Variations (Section 5.15(7)). During this Hearing, the Plan Commission may consider any additional Text Amendments related to the review of this case.