Animal Control Programs

Animal Control (Opossums, Skunks, Raccoons)Animal Control Specialists Logo

The Village provides a 50/50 cost-sharing animal control program that specifically targets opossums, skunks, and raccoons. The program is administered contractually by Animal Control Specialists and the Village's share of the cost is not to exceed $200. Costs include the setting of a trap ($90) and the capturing of target animals ($55 per animal). The Village will not reimburse residents for non-target animals. The program is intended only for animals outdoors and does not cover nuisance animals found indoors.  The process for utilizing the program is outlined below:

  1. A resident contacts Public Works at 847-675-0888 if they have concerns about opossums, skunks, and raccoons on private property and outside their homes.
  2. Public Works staff will notify Animal Control Specialists, who will then reach out to residents to schedule a window of time for setting traps.
  3. Once the job is complete, the resident is expected to pay the entire cost. Animal Control Specialists will then send a receipt to Public Works staff, who will then reimburse the resident for 50% of the cost, or an amount not to exceed $200. 

Rat Control ProgramRose Pest Solutions Logo

The Village provides a rat control service by means of a contract with Rose Pet Solutions at no cost to residents. This differs from the Village's general Animal Control program. The Rat Control program is offered as a method to reduce nuisance rats in neighborhoods. The purpose of the program is to treat the source of rats (rat burrows) outdoors on public or private property. This program does not cover rodents found inside homes. The process for utilizing the program is outlined below, and is available until December 1:

  1. A resident contacts Public Works at 847-675-0888 if they have seen rat burrows on their property or nearby.
  2. Public Works staff will request that the resident sign a waiver, allowing crews from Rose Pest Solutions to enter private property and treat the rat burrows found outside. 
  3. Rose pest solutions will treat the burrows and follow-up weekly and on an as-needed basis.
  4. After a two-week period of no activity, the area will be considered treated and the request will be closed.